How to Prevent Major Foundation Issues in Your House

There is nothing that fills a homeowner with a feeling of dread quite like hearing that they have foundation problems in their home.  It is rarely an easy fix and it often involves thousands of dollars not to mention the hassles of ripping apart your yard to get to the problem. Don’t ever wait if you think you see a faulty foundation. If you don’t fix the problem then you run the risk of your house collapsing completely.  There are ways that you can avoid problems, here is how to prevent major foundation issues in your house.

Sprinklers and Watering Systems

Put all your sprinklers or watering systems on a timer and away from your house.  Water at dusk and dawn so that your lawn actually gets the water it needs and it is not just flooded.  Don’t water during the rain, that is one of the hazards of setting up an automatic sprinkler system.

Don’t Plant Trees Right Next to Your House

Plants, trees and shrubs all love water and their roots will go wherever is necessary to get it, including through your foundation.  Even if they can’t get through your foundation they will absorb moisture from the surrounding soil and that can make your foundation shift and crack.  They will also go through your pipes to get at the water inside causing blockages and leaks underground, that too can affect your foundation.  You will then need to call a plumber.  We recommend Dolphin Emergency Plumbers. Here is how tree roots can affect your foundation.

Keep Water Away From the Foundation

Proper grading of the soil around your home can make sure that water doesn’t pool around your foundation.  You need to grade the nearby soil about 6 inches in a depth of 10 feet so water runs away from your home.

Watch the rain gutters at the same time and make sure the spout also point away from your home.  When water gathers around the foundation it causes the soil to expand and that puts pressure on the wall of the foundation.  Aside from grading properly you can also add some underground drains that will move water from the foundation to somewhere elses.

Maintain the Right Amount of Moisture

Homeowners and contractors too focus a lot of time and energy making sure to keep moisture away from the foundation of your home but your do need a certain amount of moisture in the soil for stability.  During dry hot summers the soil can become too dry and that causes it to shrink.  This too can make your foundation settle and cause cracks.  You can use rock beds to help your sprinkler systems be more effective and reach the deeper parts of the soil.  Not only will it keep your foundation from shifting but you will have a healthier looking lawn.

Your house needs a solid foundation, while we tend to ignore the foundation unless something starts leaking it still needs preventative care.

Top 5 Home Improvement Tips

No one really warns you that after you buy a new home, just how much time and money you will spend on home improvements and maintenance.  Unless you are building it yourself no one gets the perfect house, they get a house with most of the features they want and a home that they can work with.   As much as you want to have the perfect home, you’re going to have tackle some home improvement.  Here are the top 5 home improvement tips as recommended by experts.

Get the Important Work Done First

There are some projects that need to be handled right away.  If anything is leaking water, be it windows, roof or pipes then get it fixed ASAP.  Water damage can affect the structure of your home.  If these problems are ignored they are harder and more expensive to fix.  Don’t wait, no matter how small, get it done.

Hire a Pro

Even for the handiest of homeowners there are some projects that you just don’t touch.  Sure you can fix your own leaky faucet but never mess with gas or electricity.  That stuff needs to be handled by a professional.  For example, is a professional plumbing company. If you aren’t 100% confident in your abilities then get a contractor in to handle the work for you so that it is done right.

Get Yourself a Basic Toolbox

If you are looking to save money and do as many home improvement projects yourself then you need the right tools.  Your home is not IKEA and you can’t fix everything with an Allen key.  You don’t need to be Bob Vila but a basic set of tools will let you hang a picture or fix your leaky kitchen tap.

Top 5 Home Improvement Tips

Spend Money Wisely

The things in your home that are meant to last for years are where you want to spend your money.  For instance you want to renovate your master bathroom, spend the money on a high quality tub rather than on a fancy tap.  Hardware like kitchen pulls or taps can easily be changed later your countertops cannot.

Get Some Inspiration

If you aren’t sure what renovations will give you the best return on your investment then head over to Houzz or Pinterest.  You can find a ton of projects along with estimates of the cost and where to buy the materials.  You can find which projects can easily be done and how much investment it will take.

Home improvement projects should always start with making sure that everything is repaired and working the way it should, then you can move on to the aesthetics of your home.